A Sutton father has spoken of his family's devastation after being burgled last week.

It was just before 10pm on the night of November 2 when Zak Webster and his pregnant wife returned to their home is Surrey Grove.

"I saw the front door and realised someone had tried to force their way in," the 30-year-old told the Sutton Guardian.

"I told my wife to get in the car immediately as I thought someone was in the house."

It turns out they had missed the burglars by a matter of minutes, but what they found inside broke their hearts.

"I saw utter devastation," Zak continued.

"My son turned two on October 30 and they stole every one of his birthday presents.

"His birthday cards and balloons were still up in the house.

"All he had been doing was riding his scooter and now they've taken that from him, they've taken a little boy's scooter."

Your Local Guardian:

CCTV images captured near the time of the burglary

But that was far from the end of it.

Not only were all his son's gifts gone - which included the scooter and a ride-on metal old fashioned car - but the Christmas presents Zak had bought for his nieces and nephews were taken as well.

"They even took 12 eggs out of the fridge and threw them in my son's toy box and destroyed everything inside," Zak added.

"They ransacked me and my wife's bedroom and stole some very sentimental jewellery.

"The things they have taken and the things they have done, normal people would be disgusted at."

He called police who have confirmed that no arrests have been made and that enquiries are still ongoing.

But less than a week later, Zak's neighbours were targeted as well.

Your Local Guardian:

CCTV images captured near the time of the burglary

"I've never been burgled before and I've never known anyone who was," he said.

"Now in the span of a week I'm a victim and know a victim.

"We get on with all our neighbours and felt like it was a really nice, safe area up until now.

"I'm 30 years old and I've worked very hard to achieve what I have to make sure my family have nice things and it feels like it has all been taken away."

Zak says he has now been left feeling scared to walk around his own house.

"To go upstairs in my own house, shaking, just isn't right," he added.

"I'm six foot one, I'm not badly built, but I was made to feel like a 12-year-old."

But he wants to let the burglars know that the community are watching.

"I hope this highlights to the burglars that everyone now knows," he finished by saying.

"They should know they shouldn't come round our area again."