A Hampton dog owner is calling for a ban on fireworks after her beloved pet pug was left paralysed and in need of major surgery after injuring herself in her panic.

Four-year-old Poppy needed surgery costing around £5,000 and will need months of rehabilitation involving hydro-therapy, physio-therapy, and sedation to treat her spinal injury after the firework displays that took place during the Diwali Celebrations on October 28.

Sally Shaw said she was left in complete shock when she received a frantic call from her daughter who was in a panic when she realised that her pug would not move.

Ms Shaw said: "My daughter was traumatised she called me in tears I went round to help her and the dog couldn’t stand - it was awful.

Your Local Guardian:

Poppy now has to be sedated and can only be walked for three to four minutes a day.

"Last week's relentless barrage of fireworks went on and on throughout the night until 4.30am.

"At one particularly loud explosion - Poppy ran at full speed from the front room and under a cabinet in the hallway, which is how the vet thinks she dislocated her discs.

"In the morning Poppy looked withdrawn, was reluctant to walk and started urinating on herself and didn't even realise what she was doing.

"The vet gave her anti inflammatories to take but it made Poppy even worse, so now she is being referred to Fitzpatrick Specialist Veterinary Clinic."

Ms Shaw claims that Poppy was already afraid of fireworks however - her fear was heightened when children began to throw fireworks on the green directly outside of her daughter's flat.

Your Local Guardian:

Poppy was rushed to FitzPatrick's Veterinary where she underwent six MRI scans and major surgery on her spine.

Poppy was admitted to Fitzpatrick vets on October 30, where vets discovered that Poppy had suffered from a badly compressed spine, which required major surgery, and three slipped discs which meant she had to undergo six hours of MRI scans.

After being discharged from the vets - Poppy is now back at home and has to spend 12 weeks in recovery. and can only allowed to be walked for a maximum of three to four minutes a day.

Ms Shaw explained: "People seem to forget that fireworks can cause animals to have fits and some even die as a result.

"We don't know if Poppy will be able to walk again or how long it will take.

"Poppy now has to be sedated in a crate with radio playing just in case we hear any more fireworks.

"They need to ban the sale of fireworks to the public."