Key stakeholders met today for the first day of a public inquiry into the development of the Former Imperial College Grounds in Teddington.

The Council and Quantum Teddington Development ltd were joined at York House, Twickenham, by representatives from Sports England, and Udney Park Playing Fields Trust to discuss the future development plans that could see the area transformed into affordable housing combined with sports facilities, care facilities, a GP service and a public park.

The formalities of this morning's events gave an insight into the 13 aspects of the planning application that were under review which included townscape and trees, parking and cycling facilities, transport and air quality, noise and neighbouring communities, ecology and biodiversity.

Richmond has opposed the planning application on the grounds that the Former Imperial College Grounds is an open green space and a part of the area's Local Plan, but Quantum Teddington Development said it believed that the development should go ahead as it aims to bring vulnerable communities together.

Members of the public were also in attendance but some decided to leave after a spokesperson from Quantum Teddington Development announced plans to include a fence on the grounds that would be around four meters in height.

The proposal was met with gasps from the members of the public who were sitting in the public gallery.

Chairman Robert Jackson who led the inquiry interjected to remind the public they were not allowed to speak until instructed to do so, but also advised the developer that it "would not be wise" to make amendments to the planning application at this stage, but also said the idea could be revisited.

The Inquiry is expected to last until November 20 and Chairman Jackson also announced plans to hold an evening session from 6pm on November 13th in order to give members of the public an opportunity to attend and to have their say.

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