A research study carried out by Veygo has revealed that motorists who use Richmond's Overground Station to park their vehicles actually pay the third most expensive rates in the capital.

Around 30 railway stations in London were reviewed and the results show that Kings Cross & St Pancras charge at least £40 per day to park vehicles in the station's car park facility followed by London Waterloo, London Victoria, London Paddington and Kensington Olympia which all charge around £30 for all day parking, followed by Richmond Overground Station which charges £17.20 per day.

When asked about the reasons behind the Richmond Stations high charges, Heledd Jones - Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Veygo UK said: “While we would expect the likes of St. Pancras/Kings Cross, Waterloo, Victoria and Paddington to have higher parking costs due to their central location and being some of the busiest stations in the country, it is quite a surprise that Richmond station places third considering it is only the 35th busiest station in the UK.

"However, there are many ways to cut the cost of parking at these stations.

"Car sharing is a great way to reduce the amount you spend on your commute and helps reduce emissions, or you could look into whether the stations offers a season pass to reduce the costs.”

A list of London’s most expensive train station parking per day can be see below:

1. St. Pancras/Kings Cross - £40

2. Waterloo - £30

Victoria - £30

Paddington - £30

Kensington Olympia - £30

3. Richmond - £17.20

4. Barking - £15*

5. Surbiton - £12.10

6. Wimbledon - £10.80

7. Twickenham - £8.20

8. Upminster - £7.90

9. Orpington - £7.10

10. Harrow and Wealdstone - £7.00

* Barking price is for 12 hours parking