A Worcester Park mum is calling on shopping centres to provide better access for the disabled community so that her daughter can live a better life.

Jo Elgarf, 44, is a mum to three children.

One of Jo's kids, five-year-old Nora, has Polymicrogyria - a rare brain malformation - and is severely physically disabled as a result.

Nora can not walk, stand unsupported or sit unaided.

"She is a happy child who loves socialising and going to new places,"Jo said.

"Unfortunately her world is rapidly shrinking due to a simple aspect of life - toilets."

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Nora at a Changing Place

Nora can not use a standard toilet and everyday 'disabled' or 'accessible' toilets are no use at all.

"Nora needs a large changing table and will soon need a hoist," Jo added.

"The room needs to be large enough for an adult and her chair. These rooms are called 'Changing Places'. They are rare and far apart."

Jo is part of a group of parents and carers asking for Changing Places to become the norm in shopping centres and public places like cinemas and leisure centres.

The need for a Changing Place is not unusual for Jo and her family.

Her mum had a stroke six years ago and also needs one and is asking for more Changing Places in Sutton.

"There is a Changing Place at the train station but that is up a steep hill and too far to go if out shopping," she continued.

"We also hope more supermarkets have them installed and I'm currently discussing with Tesco what is needed in SW London.

"We also would love places like garden centres and trampoline parks to have them.

"I am just a normal mum wanting her daughter to have a good life."