Kingston's Banquet Records unveiled a banner on Monday (November 4) urging residents to register to vote in the upcoming General Election.

The store posted a picture to Twitter showing a giant banner, hanging above the shop, directing Kingstonians towards the government's voter registration website ( ) ahead of polling day on December 12.

The renowned record store pride themselves on engaging with social issues beyond selling records.

Earlier this year, the Comet reported on Banquet's support for a homelessness charity appeal in the borough run by Kingston Churches Action on Homelessness (KCAH).

Banquet Manager Jon Tolley told the Comet that he hoped Banquet could reach potential voters who might not otherwise have registered.

"We have a unique platform here to reach young people who might not be reached by other media.

"It's not party political, it's not about pushing our own thoughts or beliefs onto people, it's about encouraging them to get involved and sign up," he said.

Mr Tolley, who is also a councillor on Kingston Council (RBK), added that he hoped the banner would prompt dialogue among residents.

"We want to get younger people and people who might not be interested to think and have that conversation about how politics will impact them.

"I think this is role that socially responsible businesses have to try and get people and particularly young people to be interested what's going on.

"Let's talk about the issues and work them out, let's have that conversation," he said.