This is the hilarious moment an astonished Caterham man stumbled upon two kangaroos chomping on TOILET ROLL in the men's loos.

Video shows one kangaroo munching away on hand roll in the middle of the room while the other can be spotted in a cubicle eating loo roll.

Matt Trayner, 29, can be heard saying: "Lads, what is going on?! They're eating the toilet paper! Guys, that's not nutritious - what are you doing?!"

He filmed the bizarre scene after drinking with his girlfriend and pals on their first night of camping in Flinders Ranges National Park in south Australia.

When the group went to hit the hay, they staggered over to the makeshift bathrooms in Wilpena Pound Resort - and encountered the hungry marsupials.

Engineer Matt walked round the corner and pushed the door to the men's open - to find two kangaroos already occupying the toilets.

One was eating a long roll of hand roll "like a conveyor belt" while the tail of the other could be seen sticking out from under the cubicle door.

Matt, originally from Caterham, thought it was "so hilarious" that he instantly reached for his phone to start filming the scene.

Now living in Adelaide, he said: "You don't imagine having to battle for the loos with two kangaroos munching away on toilet paper late at night!

"It was a surreal experience, and a very funny one as well!

"The one in the open was just chomping on hand roll, which had all been pulled out in a long white line in front of it, like a conveyor belt.

"And the second was in the cubicle, and at one point just its tail was sticking out.

"We'd all had a few drinks that night too, so that made the sight even funnier!

"They had been spotted hopping around the campsite, so they obviously weren't too bothered being around humans.

"I think they were trying to get their hands on anything to eat - they were like junkies!"

The incident occurred at around 11pm on October 25.