A Croydon man has been jailed for 14-and-a-half years for drugs and firearms offences.

Jamie Allen, 29, of Hyde Road, appeared at Croydon Crown Court on October 29 where he was sentenced after being found guilty of possession with intent to sell Class A drugs, possession of criminal property and possession of firearms.

Detective Constable Hannah Worsley, said: “The long sentence handed down by the judge clearly demonstrates how seriously the courts take violent drug dealers and the danger they pose to communities.

“Anyone who thinks it is okay to deal drugs and carry guns would be wise to consider this.”

Allen’s home was raided by police at 6.30am on April 25 after a warrant was issued by Uxbridge Crown Court. As officers entered the home, he jumped out of a window while attempting to evade capture.

He was eventually caught at 7.45am after a lengthy chase over garden fences and into a field where he was arrested.

An abundance of drugs was found in his bedroom during the search of the address, including cocaine and heroin, along with £40,000 in cash.

A sawn-off shotgun, a revolver, a handgun, a stun gun and ammunition were also found in various bags throughout his bedroom.

Allen, who had injured himself during his jump from the window, was taken to hospital where he remained for five days before being discharged and taken into custody at a Croydon police station.