The next stage of Sutton's borough-wide parking review is set to commence this week.

The consultation for the formal traffic management order covers the remaining areas of Geographical Area 1 - which includes parts of Belmont, Carshalton Central, St Helier, Sutton Central, Sutton North, Sutton South, Sutton West, The Wrythe, Wallington North and Wandle Valley.

This consultation excludes the seven permit parking areas plans that were consulted on in July 2019.

This final consultation for the remaining areas of Geographical Area 1 includes plans for:

  • A permit parking area (South Sutton/Belmont)
  • CPZ extensions (Sutton Central and Sutton North)
  • A free bay scheme (Sutton North)
  • Yellow lines at some locations, including junctions for safety purposes.
  • Changes and additions to time limited bays at some locations.

The formal Traffic Management Order (TMO) consultation process will commence on October 31 and will run for 21 days.

Environment and neighbourhood chairman Councillor Manuel Abellan said: “This is the final stage of consultation for Geographical Area 1 and I believe that what we are now proposing will make a positive difference.

"Our new parking plans are based in no small part on the valuable engagement and consultation we have had with residents.”