Teddington Police are warning residents to be careful when using cash machines that have been targeted by criminals.

A spokesperson for Teddington Police said: "We’ve had a number of devices found recently, attached to cash points in and around Teddington.

"This one was fitted to the cash withdrawal point, stopping cash from exiting the machine.

"The fraudsters will often be nearby to monitor the device."

Criminals use sophisticated methods to obtain money like hacking the online banking system or attaching devices to cash machines in order to obtain bank card details.

Residents can help to deter fraudsters when they use cash machines by taking simple steps that can help them to avoid falling victim to fraudsters who are after free money.]

Here is some advice to avoid falling victim to the scams:

  • Always avoid using cash machines that look 'odd' or 'dodgy' .
  • Destroy any mini statements that come out of the machine.
  • Never leave an ATM machine if your bank card is stuck as this will only give fraudsters access to your card when you walk away.