Richmond welcomes a new incentive to get children active and healthy to combat obesity in the Borough.

The ‘Daily Mile,’ is aimed at getting ten to eleven-year olds ‘out and about’ and to encourage them to engage with more healthier behaviours after it had been revealed that around 11 per cent of children in Richmond are obese.

This is concerning for Richmond due to the children experiencing body weight issues and worries about their appearances which could trigger low self-esteem and prevent them from engaging in healthy behaviours.

Mike Derry, Chief Officer at Healthwatch Richmond, said: “We are passionate about local people being at the heart of the Health and Care Plan for Richmond and would like to thank everyone who shared their views and experiences.

“As part of the engagement on the plan we were delighted to be able to support Youth Out Loud!

"A group of young people aged 13-17 to provide feedback to the plans for Start Well and our volunteers to provide input to the Live Well and Age Well parts of the plan.

“We are really pleased to see that the plan has incorporated the views of the community and is stronger for it."

The ‘Daily Mile’ is also part of a national incentive to get children out of the classroom so that they can dedicate 15 minutes a day either walking or jogging.

Lowther Primary School in Barnes is one of the first primary schools in the Borough to roll out the scheme.

When asked if the scheme was working Headteacher- Mark Tuffney said: “Children in every year at our school take part in the Daily Mile.

“They do it at their own pace and some even like to keep times.

“At any point in the day the teacher can bring the children out in the playground to exercise for 15 minutes.

“I’m pleased to hear this brilliant initiative is being rolled out across primary schools in the borough.

“It’s such an easy thing to do. It doesn’t require any extra resource and children can really benefit health wise from a simple idea.”