A father and son have come up with an activity that gets children away from technology and creates more "family-bonding" experiences.

Eight-year-old Jayden Orange-Moreno from Chiswick used to enjoy spending his time playing computer games and briefly went on a few fishing trips with his father Courtney Orange.

After watching a few fishing videos on YouTube, Jayden was inspired by the various techniques and wanted to explore the sport, which is when his father decided to take him around Richmond to see what they were able to catch.

Your Local Guardian:

Jayden was inspired to go fishing after he watched fishing videos on YouTube.

Jayden’s love for fishing inspired his father to launch a YouTube channel called the ‘Life Catchers,’ and from 2020 the father plans on encouraging more children and parents to practice the sport.

When asked to explain further Mr Orange said: “For the past few weeks we have been taking friends and families out to catch fish which is how this idea was born.

“In Richmond there are fish in the Thames, Teddington, Twickenham but – there aren’t any step-by step fishing guides to advise people.”

UK law also states that it is illegal to keep any fish once it has been caught and anyone with a Rod Licence that has caught a fish is expected to free it back into the water.

Your Local Guardian:

Mr Orange added: “We plan on taking families and children through a step-by-step guide that we designed.

“We will take them to the ponds and lakes where we catch fish – and, any child or adult that manages to catch a fish will be recorded and the footage sent to them.

“A lot of parents would like to go out and have fishing experiences, but they aren’t educated on things like the best places to fish, what bait to use and things like that.

“Me and Jayden are going to start a social media campaign and then go into schools and communities so that kids can experience what it’s like catch a fish on their own.”