Gideon Buabeng grew up in an area that he describes as deprived, with gang culture, and crime.

There was an absence of relatable and aspiration role models for the local young people to look up to.

Influenced by his environment, the Croydon man started to mirror their behaviour and gradually he was absorbed into and culture of crime, even though brought up in a loving home.

At 16, Gideon’s mother was called into school and told that her son was involved with a gang. The news moved her to tears and Gideon knew he had to make a change.

Gideon worked hard at school, getting BTECs that allowed him to enrol in a Business Management Degree in Leicester. While in his second year, he ended up being ambushed in an attack that left him with 14 stab wounds and in hospital fighting for his life.

“I woke up after having a full body X-ray and was told that I had sustained 14 deep stab wounds across my torso, thighs, and bottom," he says now.

"The deepest wound was an inch away from my vital organs. It’s still amazing to know that I survived.”

For months, Gideon was unable to feed or wash himself and sadly, he had to leave university to recover.

After recovering, he went back to a retail job and one day told a customer about his story; she recommended that he seek out The Prince’s Trust.

He applied for an online mentor and was allocated someone who he believes to be the perfect mentor.

“She gave me so much invaluable guidance and made me see the power and importance of sharing my story to inspire others and influence positive change,” he added.

Gideon now works as a youth worker, is a role model for other young people in his role as a Young Ambassador for The Prince’s Trust, and he is now completing the Enterprise programme with the Trust to set up his own youth organisation, directing young people to the relevant services they need.

He recently won the London and South East Watches of Switzerland Group Young Ambassador of the Year award at The Prince’s Trust Awards.

The awards night honours the achievements of young people who have succeeded against the odds, improved their chances in life, had a positive impact on their local community, as well as people who have played a part in supporting the work of The Trust.

Looking to the future, Gideon wants to be a positive influence and relatable mentor, and direct young people to the right services to keep them on the best path.

Speaking at the awards, Gideon said: “Being a Young Ambassador has been an amazing journey for me.

"I have loved supporting The Prince’s Trust as they supported me so much.

"I’ve spoken to so many people about my story and I hope that I have shown them how much your life can change is you’re passionate and determined.”