The exhibition of the £67.5m Crystal Palace Park masterplan is due to end today.

More than 2,000 people have been to see the plans for the park, designed by Latz and Partner, at the Old Booking Hall at Crystal Palace station.

However, the masterplan has received a mixed response with many residents feeling their ideas and opinions, which they had offered to the London Development Agency (LDA), have been ignored.

Sue Nagle, chairman of the Triangle Traders' Association, said: "People are not stupid and they are so disappointed about this because they were led to believe by the LDA that they would have a choice when it came to the park but they have not.

"I have put four years into this and it was worth it then because it was important and we honestly thought we could make a difference, but just look what we have come out with. It is just a huge disappointment."

The LDA plans include building a new sports centre, creating a tree canopy to mimic the outline of the palace which burned down in 1936 and restoring the Paxton Axis walk.

Controversial proposals to build housing on two parts of the park have also been included in the plans, which are expected to take 15 to 20 years to complete if planning permission is granted by Bromley Council.

The masterplan will now be submitted to Bromley Council but it is expected it will take up to a year for officers to review the application.

If approved the LDA can then submit plans for other individual developments.

A spokesman for the LDA said: "Over two thousand people have visited the exhibition over the last two weeks, with many going on walks around the park with the masterplanners.

"Feedback from the exhibition has been very positive with many local people offering constructive comments and giving their broad support for the plans. Some people expressed concern at certain areas of the masterplan, such as housing, but many people's views have changed now they've seen the plans in detail.

"The exhibition has proved an excellent forum in which to communicate the detailed and accurate facts within the masterplan to local people. A full report on the comments received will be submitted to Bromley Council as part of our statement of community involvement."

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