An unknown hero has saved a woman from a burning building in Croydon this morning.

A man was driving up Whitehorse Road when he spotted a house was on fire.

He flagged down a police vehicle who then worked with this brave member of the public to rescue a lady trapped inside.

Smoke coming from the house could be seen filling up the inside where she was trapped inside on the 1st floor.

A spokesman from police said: "She could be seen from outside being overcome with smoke as she was by a window desperately waving for help.

"Our officers called for assistance from our blue light LFB colleagues, and tried without success to break through the door.

"In the meantime the man went and found a ladder from a building site next nearby and together with officers put it up against the side of the building.

"The man then bravely climbed up the ladder, smashed the window, and helped the lady out of the window using a police officers jacket to protect her from the broken glass shards, and carried her down the ladder."

People from nearby homes were also evacuated, and the lady received treatment from the London Ambulance Service.

The LFB were on scene in minutes of the alarm being raised and used water to put out the fire, with specialist fire fighters going into the burning building wearing breathing apparatus.

Police evacuated people, controlled the traffic and closed the roads temporarily.

The lady was taken to hospital for checks. It is not known how the fire began and the LFB are investigating.

"We’d like to thank all members of the public who were effected by this morning’s road closure for their understanding and cooperation, and especially that unknown hero who helped save the lady’s life," the Met spokesman added.

"Another officer did take his details, so he may well be put forward for a bravery award."