A Sutton pub is holding a tarot card reading night in support of a charity.

The Old Bank, in Sutton High Street will be hosting the night in support of The Dreaming Tree Project which deliver support services to Sutton's deaf community.

Nigel Wilson, Deputy Manager at The Bank said: "Together we can change deaf lives for children and adults in Sutton by making small changes to our understanding of what deaf is.

"Deaf doesn't always mean your hear nothing at all.

"Deaf people are not stupid. Given the right support in the right educational setting, deaf people can achieve the same as there hearing peers."

The tarot night will be on October 31 from 5pm, which each reading costing £5.

Mr Wilson added: "Deaf people can enjoy music, not all deaf people lip-read and deaf people can drive.

"You can make a difference by always facing a deaf person when you are talking so they can see your face clearly."