Specsavers in Kingston shared some basic eye health advice and warnings ahead of World Sight Day tomorrow (October 9).

Paul Bhalla is the optometrist director at the eye specialist outlet in Kingston.

On Wednesday (October 9) he shared five interesting and surprising tips on keeping eyes as healthy as possible.

Specsavers also distributed a shocking image of what looking at one of Britain's most iconic sights — the White Cliffs of Dover — would be like with cataracts.

The five tips for better eye health shared by Mr Bhalla were:

  • Crying
  • Eating fish
  • Sleeping well
  • Eating avocado
  • Removing eye make up

Regarding the dietary requirements, the Kingston optometrist pointed out the health benefits for eyes in eating avocados — they are "rich in zinc and vitamin B which help stave off cataracts" and also lutein, which can help "prevent age-related macular degeneration," he said.

Meanwhile, the high omega three fatty acids in fish can help with eye lubrication, Mr Bhalla said.

"This inflammation (from dry eyes) further damages the cells which are responsible for tear production, resulting in a vicious circle of increasing inflammation and dryness," he pointed out.

"It is well documented that omega 3 essential fatty acids have anti-inflammatory effects and therefore may offer some degree of protection against dry eye."

Similarly, crying and otherwise ensuring we have moist eyes is important.

"Tears are so important as they can wash away foreign matter that might come into contact with your eye and they also help reduce the risk of eye infections," Mr Bhalla said.

The eye specialist from Kingston was eager to disclose some information on a problem a lot of us experience — eye twitching and spasms — a condition known as myokymia.

The main cause of this was lack of sleep, according to Specsavers.

Potentially even more damaging still when it comes to sleep could be a seemingly innocuous habit — make up.

That is, leaving it on when you go to bed, the Kingstonian specialist said.

"Leaving your eye makeup on when you go to sleep will increase your chances of getting bacterial and oil build up around your eyes or even inflammation.

"Make sure you always gently remove beauty products to reduce infection and keep your eyes clean," he said.