A Dorking mother of five will face arrest again in the coming days as she rejoins the Extinction Rebellion climate activists staging civil disobedience protests in London.

The protests for part of what Extinction Rebellion (XR) are calling their second International Rebellion, which began today (October 7) worldwide.

Jakki Phillips, 51, took part in the first International Rebellion event in April earlier this year.

With scores of others she was arrested for taking part in an XR blockade of Waterloo Bridge.

She recently pleaded not guilty at London Magistrates Court on the grounds that she was trying to prevent "loss of life."

Speaking outside the court Mrs Phillips insisted she would continue her fight to get the government to take action in the face of the climate emergency and will be attending the protests organised by XR over the next fortnight.

"I am taking this action because the usual methods of campaigning have not worked.

"The inaction and failure of our government to take the necessary measures to tackle the climate and ecological breakdown means my children now face an uncertain future.

"From even before our children are born we do everything we can to protect them from harm."

Mrs Phillips' case is one of scores that have come to court recently ahead of XR's current wave of civil disobedience actions in central London and other cities around the globe.

They come amid swelling public concern about the climate crisis, and follow hot on the heals of the recent Fridays for Future Climate Strikes pioneered by schoolchildren.

"As a mother I cannot simply stand aside and watch as (our children's) future is taken away from them. So I am standing up to do what I feel I can.

"Climate and ecological breakdown affects us all. The scientific facts are clear. This is an emergency situation and we have to act now," Mrs Phillips said.

Ahead of today's protests, XR Dorking told the Comet they expect to travel into central London in numbers to help support the group's demands for climate justice and a dramatic reduction in carbon emissions to mitigate social and ecological collapse.