Road users can expect new parking schemes in 2020, as the Council continues with its five-year-plan to improve services.

Environment and Neighbourhood Chair Councillor Manuel Abellan said: “We received many responses to the proposals and have taken time to consider all the comments raised throughout the multiple consultations.

“Our parking plans are based in no small part on the valuable engagement and consultation we have had with residents and I believe that we are proposing will make a positive difference to improving parking in areas of acute parking pressures.”

During the past 12 months Sutton held three consultations that have resulted in parts of St Helier, Carshalton and Hackbridge receiving six new parking permit areas (PPA) which are aimed at improving the parking options for road users in Sutton and surrounding areas.

The plans are part of the ‘Ambitious for Sutton’ strategy and from February 1, road users will need parking permits for Wandle Road in Hackbridge between 1pm - 3pm Monday to Friday, Hackbridge Road between 8am - 6.30pm Monday to Saturday and Denmark Road between 11am - 1pm Monday to Friday.

Sutton have also confirmed that a proposal for parking restrictions in Aultone Way on Sutton North has been put on hold so that it can consider the representations that it has received from residents.