Although recycling rates in Croydon have improved, some living in blocks of flats are still suffering from missed collections.

Last night (October 2) Councillor Stuart Collins told a meeting of streets, environment and homes sub committee that the recycling rate has increased from 38-48 per cent.

This is after new bin collections were introduced in September 2018.

Some were not happy when new wheelie bins were issued to households across the borough and there were problems with missed collections following the change.

Cllr Collins, cabinet member for clean green Croydon, added that the aim is to increase the recycling rate to more than 50 per cent.

But problems still persist in some blocks or flats and estates including the Forestdale Estate in Addington.

In some cases the solution may be trialling a completely different type of waste collection.

At the meeting Councillor Michael Neal said he regularly receives letters and emails from residents in flats complaining about bins not being collected.

He said: “Over the year we’ve mentioned the waste and recycling collection from blocks of flats this is an issue we’re still dealing with today.

“Although you assured us this would be dealt with it appears there are still blocks of flats that have missed collections, which is an environmental issue.”

Cllr Collins said that there are a number of reasons bins are still not being collected.

This includes Veolia, the contractor, not knowing access codes for flats and narrow roads or too many parking bays on the turnings, which means bin lorries can’t access some blocks.

He said: “I would say if you’ve got access for proper recycling you need to get rid of some of the parking, priority should be on proper recycling.”

But he said some management companies and residents are reluctant to remove parking bays or introduce big 1,100 litre bins in communal spaces.

In these cases, Cllr Collins said it could be a case of trialling new schemes where the current one is not working.