A pop music choir welcome to everyone is inviting Croydon residents to join.

Popvox Choir, founded in Liverpool eight years ago by Emma Nowell, brings communities together singing a range of popular songs, from Stevie Wonder to the latest Beyonce ballad.

There are already nine choirs nationwide, which work towards concerts several times a year to raise money for local charities.

"Have you ever thought of joining a choir?" said choir leader Susanna Tidy.

"Being a choir member is more than just joining a club. It’s being part of a fantastic group of people who come together each week and sing!

"We are inviting all Croydon residents to come and try our free taster session

"Singing is good for the soul; it’s almost impossible not to walk out of rehearsals with a smile on your face."

PopVox Choir is opening in Croydon on Wednesday October 16 at the Ark Oval Primary Academy.

To book your free trial email info@popvoxchoir.co.uk