The Chief Executive Officer for the England and Wales Cricket Board visited Bushy Park to unveil Teddington’s new pavilion.

Tom Harrison –former Captain of Teddington’s Cricket Club, also gave lucky club members a chance to touch the Cricket World Cup 2019 trophy that England won during the summer.

William Frewen, Chairman of Teddington said: “There is a lot of character in the old pavilion.

“It could tell many stories I am sure.

“But unfortunately, the building was no longer fit for purpose for a modern, thriving cricket club which wants to provide the best facilities for amateur cricketers in this area.”

Formerly a hunting ground for Henry VIII in 1529, - Bushy Park was transformed into a cricket grounds after World War II.

Your Local Guardian:

The new pavilion will also be used by Radnor House School and Teddington's Athletic Football Club.

Both the old pavilion and car park are situated about 50 yards from where the new pavilion is, and the cricket club are planning to turn the old space into a bigger space for its members to practice on.

Chairman Frewen continued: “The new building is crucial if we want to continue to maintain our position as a premier club in this part of the country and I am extremely excited to see the project finished and the pavilion ready to use.

“There are few clubs in the country that could deliver such a project.”

The new pavilion is a mixture of garages, shipping containers and the old pavilion that has been moulded into a modern, environment friendly and sustainable building that gives people an exciting experience in a beautiful location.

Over a five-year project, members of Teddington’s Cricket Club helped to put together the design and structure of the new pavilion which cost a total of £1.6 million to build.

The money came from a range of sporting bodies which include the Football Foundation, the ECB, Richmond Council’s Community Fund, The Gosling Foundation and the Co-op’s Local Community Fund, as well as a significant proportion from the club’s members.

The new pavilion will see members sharing the facilities with Radnor House School - which will be using the new pavilion for sports and the Teddington Athletic Football Club, who have been tenants of their cricketing friends for many years.

David Holland President of Teddington said: “Fundraising hasn’t been easy.

“So, we are very grateful to all who have contributed, no matter how large or small, and I am sure many generations will benefit from that generosity.

“It is great to have Radnor House and Teddington Athletic onboard, as we want this facility to be part of the community for our members and our partners to get full use of and to enjoy their sport in this wonderful corner of Bushy Park.”