Croydon’s Tory prospective parliamentary candidate has defended his selection after being told his position in untenable by the council leader.

Councillor Tony Newman claims that as Mario Creatura, also a Croydon councillor, backed Boris Johnson’s suspension of parliament which has now been ruled unlawful, he should not be able to stand as a parliamentary candidate.

Cllr Creatura was selected to be the parliamentary candidate for the party in Croydon Central.

The constituency is currently represented by Labour’s Sarah Jones.

On Tuesday, September 24, council leader Cllr Newman Tweeted: “So Mario Creatura, as you have been amongst the current Prime Minister’s most vocal supporters and a defender of his now illegal actions, your position as a Tory prospective parliamentary candidate must surely now be untenable?”

But Cllr Creatura hit back telling Cllr Newman to focus on his job.

He said: “I was born in Croydon, went to school in Croydon and Croydon is my home.

“The reason I am running is to make my home the best place it can possibly be.

“I get that Tony Newman would like to fling mud where he can but he should focus more on his job.

“I fully respect the rule of law, it is absolutely right that judges are respected, it is a core part of our democracy.

“The public needs a decision, they have been dragged into a situation by our politicians, people voted to leave.

“While I was a person who campaigned for remain, my parents are from Italy so I understand what it is like, I think we have a duty to do what is in the best interests of this country.

“If you have promised to do something, our democracy relies on you doing that.”

At the last general election in 2017, Mrs Jones won the Croydon Central seat from Conservative Gavin Barwell with 52 per cent of the vote compared to his 42 per cent.

Mr Barwell had represented the constituency for seven years.

The next general election is not due until 2022 but there is much talk of there being one imminnetly, or at the very least, later this year.