A child actor from Teddington who featured in an episode of Black Mirror is celebrating after the episode won an Emmy Award.

The standalone interactive episode of Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror’ which saw six-year-old Alexander-James (A.J.) Houghton was cast to play a young version of main character Stefan Butler.

The episode won the category for Outstanding Television at the Emmy Awards which was held in Los Angeles on September 22.

The young actor who attends Stagecoach Performing Arts School underwent auditions that were held by Rogue One and Bird Box Casting Director Jina Jay.

Speaking on A.J.’s success – Will Chitty, Principle of Stagecoach in Teddington said: “I am exceptionally proud of A.J. for throwing himself into this amazing opportunity.

“It has been wonderful to see him flourish in the role.

“At Stagecoach, we aim to unlock ‘Creative Courage for Life’ in all our students and I’m sure that the skills learned on set will stay with him far beyond this unique experience.”

The episode that A.J. featured in was set in 1984 and gave viewers the opportunity to decide Stefan’s fate through a selection of multiple storylines that they could choose from.

On set the six-year-old had to endure long days of filming where he discovered that a few seconds of air time could also take a while to film, but A.J. did enjoy having his own backstage trailer with his name on it which he would refer to as the ‘hotel with wheels.’