Officers from Surrey Road Policing Unit (RPU) plunged down the face of the Royal London Hospital in a charity abseil last weekend (September 15).

Surrey RPU's 'E Rota' team took on the hair-raising task to raise money for London's Air Ambulance.

As the Comet previously reported, the team organised the fundraiser for the charity after air ambulance paramedics saved the life of their former workmate PC Andy Holmes (retired) in 2014.

On Sunday, Andy, plus E Rota team members and some of their partners finally took the plunge, having raised £4,605 for London Air Ambulance.

The abseilers descended from the Air Ambulance helipad atop the Royal London Hospital — the very place Andy was airlifted to after he was involved in a motorcycle collision so severe that it led to the loss of his leg.

"17 stories up and we get this amazing view. Amazing warm clear day too," one of the officers tweeted alongside a picture of the London cityscape visible from the helipad ahead of the abseil.

Another Surrey RPU colleague tweeted an update after the two teams of abseilers had completed the challenge.

"The team are all safely down! #Abseil #AirAmbulance

"There’s still time to donate to a very worthy charity," they pointed out.