A Wimbledon woman who was rejected from five drama schools is now flourishing through a different career path.

Hosanna Johnson is a 20-year-old Technical Theatre apprentice and stars in a new Government campaign aimed at tackling 'outdated' perceptions of apprenticeships.

"I studied theatre in college and I enjoyed it and thought I wanted to take it further," Hosanna said.

"Initially I was applying for acting at those schools. It was an interesting experience.

"I just wanted to get into a school and didn’t even think of an apprenticeship."

As well as backstage work, the Wimbledon woman wants to try her hand at writing and said an apprenticeship has allowed her the ability to try out lots of things she might not have previously considered.

A spokesman for the campaign said it focuses on how not enough people in the lives of young people see technical qualifications as a route into the workforce.

"Although employers report high satisfaction with apprenticeships, many parents and school advisors still don’t consider technical qualifications alongside a university route to work," the spokesman said.

"Less than a fifth say that apprenticeships would offer their child a high-quality alternative to a traditional academic route, and just 29 per cent of young apprentices report that they pursued an apprenticeship following advice from their parents."

So what does Hosanna want to get out of her apprenticeship?

Well at the moment she is just happy to be able to "eat from a smorgasbord of theatre areas.”

"For anyone considering an apprenticeship I would just want them to think it is possible to do it," she added.

"You've been at school all your life and you don’t know much about what you want to do.

"The important thing is to learn and to be able to say that you've tried, because not knowing is worse than failing."