A "whopping" 80 bags of fly-tipped rubbish were investigated when Merton enforcement team took a trip down to Mitcham and Morden.

Since then the council's cabinet member for adult social care, health and the environment Tobin Byers has said they are making cracking down on the waste a "top priority."

Your Local Guardian:

"These photographs give an insight into the council’s daily work to rid our borough’s streets from the blight of dumped rubbish," he said.

"Fly-tipping is a serious criminal offence and so in addition to clearing away the eyesores, our officers also proactively investigate the source of the rubbish."

He also reminded people that people who fly-tip in Merton face a £400 on-the-spot fine or, if prosecuted fines of ranging into the thousands, or even a prison sentence.

Your Local Guardian:

"Two-thirds of fly-tips in Merton are actually made up of household waste, so we want to remind everyone that they do have a responsibility to dispose of their rubbish correctly," the councillor added.

"Bags of rubbish dumped next to public litter bins is fly-tipping and it an lead to a chain reaction of other bags and items being added.

Your Local Guardian:

"Putting rubbish out for collection on the wrong day can also encourage others to fly-tip."

Every year the council spends more than £650,000 worth of tax-payer money to clear away fly-tips.

Cllr Byers added that he would urge people to report fly-tips and any details of fly-tippers to the council so they can "crack down on the perpetrators."