Sutton receives less Mayoral funding than any other London borough, a new report has revealed.

Just £16 million has been spent in the borough since Sadiq Khan was elected in 2016, compared with £2.1 billion in Newham.

Suburban Tory areas of Bromley and Bexley also received less than £100 million, second and third least, leading critics to accuse the Mayor of political favouritism.

Steve O’Connell, AM for Croydon and Sutton, said: “Sadly Sadiq Khan has been no friend to Sutton, having failed to make any real progress on the Sutton Tram and introduced planning policies which will encourage inappropriate development on our precious green spaces.

“But these new statistics will leave Sutton residents in no doubt that this Mayor is simply not on their side.

"Sutton is the worst funded borough in London, receiving just £16 million each year – or 0.1 percent of Sadiq Khan’s multi-billion-pound budget.

“More than ever, Sutton deserves a Mayor who will stand up for our city’s suburbs and ensure that boroughs like Sutton are fairly funded”.

The report, the first by the London Assembly’s independent research unit, investigated the areas Mr Khan had prioritised since his election.

Second after Newham was the City of London, which received £1.3 billion.

Tower Hamlets received £865 million, Southwark and Wandsworth each more than £700 million, while other boroughs such as Lambeth and Westminster received £600 million.

The report looks only at capital spending, investment into long-term assets, not revenue spending, which supports day-to-day services. 

The Mayor is rolling out capital intensive regeneration projects in many boroughs, such as the East Bank project in Newham, and the data is skewed by only examining this particular aspect of spending.

A spokesperson for the Mayor of London said: "This is a misleading report based on an analysis of partial data by the London Assembly.

"It's simply not legitimate to draw these conclusions about the work of City Hall, without looking at them in their proper context.

"Sadiq vowed to be a Mayor for all Londoners and is delivering for people right across the city - making transport more affordable, tackling violent crime, building more council houses and cleaning up our filthy air."

The Mayor's office also pointed out that some of the strategies cover  long time periods, up to 25 years, and are not expected to be delivered within one term.