Residents in Teddington could soon welcome a newly built fit-for-purpose Elleray Social Centre in a new location.

Richmond Council is currently reviewing other locations like North Lane East Car Park and a former depot site in Teddington because Elleray Hall is becoming too expensive to maintain.

After carrying out a feasibility study the Council decided that a new site could potential work on the North Lane East car park site.

Councillor Michael Wilson, Vice Chair of the Finance, Policy and Resource Committee, said: “The facilities for the people who currently use Elleray Hall are not fit for purpose.

"However, we heard loud and clear that the previous council’s proposal for a Community Hub in Teddington was not a popular with the organisations involved or the wider community.

“The feasibility study has shown we can deliver a new community facility and also provide some desperately needed affordable housing on council land.

"But, to move forward with our proposals, we want to know not only the views of those who use Elleray Hall but also those of the wider community including concerns around possible impact on parking”.

Council plans involve the potentially demolishing Elleray Hall and replacing it with a housing development.

The money made from the housing project would then go towards building a brand new adult hub in Teddington.

Chair of Teddington Older People’s Welfare Association, Joan Barnett, added: “We wholeheartedly welcome this fresh approach from the council.

"Teddington deserves a facility to help meet the growing needs of the community in the 21st century and we look forward to continuing to work with the council and stakeholders to get the very best outcome for everyone who uses or relies on Elleray Hall”.