A grandfather who suffered a bleed on his brain when he was run over outside a shopping centre car park by a careless driver, has urged motorists to be more careful.

John Kittelsen also seriously fractured both his ankle and right knee in the incident, which happened when he was hit by a car on a December evening last year, while walking across the car park at the Brooklands Centre, near Weybridge.

Mr Kittelsen, from West Byfleet, had to undergo surgery and will need to undergo further operations in future.

He said: “Everything happened so quickly and the pain was just horrendous. I remember several people rushing over and I think I was blacking in and out of consciousness.

“I am very grateful to the members of the public and staff from the shops who helped me.”

The grandfather-of-seven’s injuries are still significantly affecting his life nearly nine months after the collision which happened outside M&S.

The crash happened after the driver failed to notice John walking across the car park and drove into him, knocking him to the floor.

Mr Kittelsen added: “In recent months I’ve been hugely reliant upon my wife and this has been difficult for her, particularly as she has faced a breast cancer diagnosis and a knee replacement in recent years.

“Christmas was ruined and my injuries are still affecting me. I still remain in a significant amount of pain and have trouble remembering things, meaning it has been difficult for me to get back to work.

“I just hope that by speaking out that motorists will take their responsibilities for road safety seriously and always take care whether on the roads or in locations like car parks. I wouldn’t wish what I’ve been through on anyone.”

Stephen Tudor, 65, of Chart Sutton, near Maidstone, received six points on his licence after being found guilty of careless driving and was ordered to pay a fine and court costs of £1,281.