A man allegedly smashed his Mercedes into a wall in South Norwood on the run from police before being arrested for drug possession.

Mohsin Mohsin, 32, of Michael Road, was allegedly seen by officers speeding through Norwood towards Thornton Heath in the early hours of Thursday August 29.

Chasing police caught up with his silver car on Brigstock Road, where they signalled for him to pull over.

Ignoring the request, Mohsin continued through the built-up area, ending the pursuit by allegedly crashing into an unattended car and wall, spinning across the road from the force of impact.

After attempting to escape of foot, he was soon caught and detained. Officers allegedly found a quantity of cannabis and cocaine on him.

There were not other people in his car, and no by-standers were injured.

The damaged vehicle was taken to a car pound.

A spokesperson for Croydon police said: “The vehicle must be reclaimed for the relevant fee, within two weeks by the relevant party, or an agent acting on their behalf, either way with a valid driving license and motor vehicle insurance.

“Otherwise the vehicle will be disposed of. Which means either sold at auction or recycled - so the next time we see the car it might have become part of a roll of tin foil or something. Which might wrap things up nicely!”