A Twickenham woman is searching for a Teddington nurse who managed to save her from drowning at the beach.

72-year-old Pauline Barnes visited Hayling Island in Hampshire with her husband Peter Barnes with their friends Charlie and Maggie Bullen on August 25.

Mrs Barnes decided to go swimming but got into trouble while in the water and said she "almost drowned", having to be rescued by another swimmer.

She said she did not have time to ask the name of her hero, but remembers that she had said she was a nurse from Teddington.

Mrs Barnes said: "I just really want to thank the nurse for saving my life.

"What happened is still very raw for me and I honestly hope I can find her so that I could thank her personally.

"I have asked the police who attended the scene if they could help me to locate the nurse but have had no luck."

Mrs Barnes was taken to Queen Alexander Hospital in Portsmouth by air ambulance where she was hospitalised for two days - where she underwent tests and was given antibiotics to take home.

Both Mr and Mrs Bullen also helped to bring Mrs Barnes in from the sea and she was also helped by Sergeant Wallen from the police.

Mrs Barnes added: "No one knows where the nurse went.

"It's almost as if she vanished but I would like to find her to show my gratitude because if it wasn't for her help - along with everybody else, I probably wouldn't be here."