Police in Merton were recognised this afternoon for going above and beyond their duty during the past year.

The South West BCU commendation ceremony saw officers awarded for their exceptional service.

Below are the stories that saw the police receive those awards.

Your Local Guardian:

PC Elvin

PC Elvin attended a call in Wimbledon where a car had crashed through two lampposts and a garden wall before coming to a stop in a garden.

The elderly male driver was slumped unconscious having had a heart attack at the wheel.

PC Elvin removed him from the car and gave CPR with the help of her colleagues. 30 mins later, London Ambulance Service (LAS) were able to find a strong pulse on the man and he was taken to hospital. They said that the decision to remove him from the car to start CPR saved his life.

The man's wife praised “their absolutely outstanding work and courage. Their dedication, skill, compassion & kindness is exemplary. We’re thrilled that they have been recommended to receive a Commendation”.

She received a Royal Humane Society Award.

Your Local Guardian:

SC Torrance

SC Torrance has been awarded a Royal Humane Society Award for her CPR to a man who had suffered a cardiac arrest on a bus.

Along with LAS she managed to restore the man’s pulse and got him breathing independently. He made a full recovery.

Your Local Guardian:

PCs Clarke and King

PCs Clarke and King have received a Royal Humane Society Award for forcing entry to a house and starting CPR on a woman.

When LAS arrived they carried her to the ambulance, which PC King then drove to hospital so medics could continue treating their patient.

Your Local Guardian:

PCs Robinson and Mikulska Durrant

PCs Robinson and Mikulska Durrant showed exceptional levels of empathy when they assisted LAS with the tragic suicide of a woman.

They cared for her children at the scene and helped them process what had happened. They are commended for resilience and compassion.

Your Local Guardian:

PC Scarlett and DC Tucker

PC Scarlett and DC Tucker are commended for professionalism and determination in developing intelligence that a woman, 17, was at risk of child sexual exploitation.

Their hard work protected a vulnerable child and led to the imprisonment of a dangerous predatory man.

Your Local Guardian:

PC Baker

PC Baker was off duty in Mitcham when he saw a man who had been stabbed and the knife used in the assault.

He used gloves to recover the knife and preserve evidence, then began life-saving first aid on the injured man. He is commended for dedication and professionalism.

Your Local Guardian:

DC Ricot-Gomez

In November 2018 officers from Roads and Transport Police were assaulted in Wimbledon in a shocking attack.

DC Ricot-Gomez led on most of the investigation, providing exemplary victim care and going above and beyond to secure a conviction.

He is commended for professionalism and diligence.

Your Local Guardian:

A woman stabbed her husband then set herself and home on fire with her daughter upstairs.

Officers forced their way in and with help of London Fire Brigade, rescued them.

12 PCs and 2 staff are commended for their professionalism and dedication to duty during this tragic event