A young boy from Hampton gave up his birthday presents so that he could raise money for a children's charity that looks after birth defects.

Four-year-old Ben Lewis celebrated his birthday on August 17, where he also raised over £600 to help children's charity Smile Train.

After watching a television appeal with his mother – Lucy Lewis, Ben became inspired and decided to raise money for children’s charity, ‘Smile Train’ – a charity that supports people children living with cleft palates or a 'cleft lip.'

Overall Ben managed to raise £545.00 as well as raising a further £98.75 in gift aid.

Ms Lewis said: “I told him it was really kind of him to help the children and he responded that it would be his friends helping them.

“My husband told a few people at his work what Ben was doing, and they were so touched they have also donated.

“I am so proud of him. “

According to the NHS website – Cleft Palate or a ‘cleft lip’ is a birth defect that splits the upper lip as a result of the baby’s face not joining together.

It can lead to complications for the baby such as difficulty eating, problems with speech, hearing loss and the development of teeth.

The television appeal led Ben to ask questions like: ‘What happened to the babies and children? Why were they born like that?’ and ‘Will someone help them and how do they help them?’

Ms Lewis added: “He is over the moon as it’s enough to fund more than 3 operations. He’s so happy.”

For more information or to donate visit: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/benlewis1808