A six-year-old has helped raise money for the veteran's home caring for her grandfather in Surbiton.

Greta Thomas's grandfather Mark Farmer is being cared for at the Royal Star and Garter (RSG) care home in Surbiton.

Last month she held a fundraiser for the veteran's charity at her home in Bradford on Avon.

Thirty friends and family from Christ Church Primary School in Bradford attended an ice cream and cake celebration in Greta’s garden, raising £140 for the Home.

"She’s been desperate for months to do a fundraiser for the Charity but finding the right thing for a six-year-old was tricky," Greta's mum Claire Thomas said.

"£140 is a lot for a child to raise, and I’m really proud of her," she added.

RSG homes care for ex-Servicemen and women living with disability or dementia.

Mr Farmer served in the Royal Corp of Signals between 1963 and 1969.

The industrious six-year-old from Bradford said she was thrilled that her efforts had helped those looking after her grandfather.

"Fundraising for The Royal Star and Garter Homes was really good because it was fun.

"I am amazed at how much money we got," Greta said.

Meanwhile those at the home expressed their gratitude at the Bradford resident's contribution.

Liz Donaldson, Dementia Care Manager at the Surbiton Home, said: "Greta is obviously an incredibly caring and loving granddaughter, and we’re touched with the money she’s raised for the Charity.

"We can’t thank her enough!"