Ten temporary CCTV cameras have been installed around Croydon to clamp down on crime hot spots.

The locations selected were highlighted by residents as regular sites of antisocial behaviour, fraud, fly-tipping and theft.

Boosting the Council and police's ability to respond to temporary problems in areas not covered by the existing CCTV network, the cameras will be in place for an initial three months.

Councillor David Wood, deputy cabinet member for safer Croydon and communities, said: “Our temporary cameras are a strong addition to our CCTV network.

"They help our partnership by assisting the police in detecting criminal offences, and contributing to our work to stop antisocial behaviour.”

The cameras are on Frensham Drive, Hathaway Road, Headley Drive, London Road, North End (by McDonalds), Nursery Road, Poplar Walk, Portland Road and The Queen’s Gardens.

Once the three-month period has passed, the SCP will assess whether there is ongoing need for the camera to be kept in the temporary location, based on whether there has been an increase or decrease in crime and antisocial behaviour.

The partnership will also look at whether the objectives have been met in terms of gathering evidence to inform investigations, or monitoring activity in a crime hotspot.

It will also consider whether other measures have since been put in place that will mitigate the original risks in the long term, such as lighting, or cutting back hedgerows.

Some cameras will then be moved to a new location, while others will remain in the same location for a further three months.