A Sutton woman completed a 100-mile bike ride exactly one year after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Sue Bellamy took on the Prudential Ride London challenge on August 4, the date in 2018 when a routine mammogram discovered a growth in her breast.

Four days beforehand she applied for a place on the charity cycle, which she rode this year undeterred on behalf of Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Now.

Ms Bellamy said: "What a day.

"I am so pleased that I managed the full 100-miles and that I also conquered both Box and Leith Hill before the cut-off.

"I feel incredibly proud of my achievement as I was becoming increasingly worried about whether I would be able to finish the race.

"Surprisingly, I’m not aching too much and it’s actually my shoulders that hurt more than my legs.

"It’s quite emotional to think that just eight months ago I was nearing the end of my treatment for breast cancer and now I have completed the Ride100!”

Sue is no stranger to the saddle.

Twelve years ago, she began cycling to and from work in a bid to lower her blood pressure, and since then has commuted daily in the same way, even to and from all her radiotherapy treatments.

Sue added: “Since I started cycling 12 years ago I’ve never looked back.

"Cycling has undoubtedly helped me through this journey and I was determined to keep it up, even during radiotherapy.

"When I found out I got a place I couldn’t believe it. It wasn’t long after I’d finished my treatment but because of everything that had happened I’d forgotten that I even entered the race!

"It was great to get back in the saddle and it gave me something else to think about.

“Having personally benefitted from Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Now services, like the Moving Forward course, I was keen to support the charity.

"Those services really made me realise that what I was feeling was totally normal.

"Equally though, I understand the importance of research and how without it, people like me, may have had very different outcomes."

Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Now’s free Moving Forward courses are run in partnership with NHS hospitals to help people adapt to life after breast cancer treatment.

Delivered by a range of expert speakers the events provide information, support and professional guidance and offer a valuable opportunity to meet others diagnosed.