Septic tanks left to stew on Morden Park have been met with outrage by the community.

The Eastern Electrics festival was held at the park on the weekend of August 3 and 4 and was mired in controversy after four men were stabbed on the Saturday.

But now people are furious once more after multiple septic tanks remained on the green for ten days after the event.

A spokesman for residents group 'Say no! To Eastern Electrics! said: "We condemn this appalling lack of professionalism which shows a complete lack of respect for our local suburban park and the residents and their children that use it, especially in school summer holidays.

"When we attack EE for leaving huge amounts of rubbish and crap in our park, little did we know they would continue to do so literally.

"We are utterly disgusted and remain more convinced than ever that this type of event is patently not suitable to be hosted in Morden Park - and any at Merton Council that support this event should be deeply ashamed."

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Some people have reported that the smell from the tanks was so strong that it caused them to heave.

A spokesman for Blue Fox Events said the delay was a result of a scheduling error on the part of one of it sanitation suppliers and that the tanks have now been drained and removed as of today (August 14).

But this wasn't good enough for Councillor David Dean, who spoke out about the festival's place in Morden following the string of stabbings.

"Whatever these are, they should have been removed the day after the festival," he said.

"This is pitiful management by the festival organisers and poor oversight by the council.

"If these contain hazardous waste or not, they should have been collected more than a week ago. Residents are very concerned."