An Epsom man said farewell to his hair to fundraise for cancer charity Macmillan after his wife was diagnosed with the disease last year.

David Solomon and his friends took part in Macmillan’s national fundraiser 'Brave the Shave' in support of his wife, Abby, who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in October 2018.

Ms Solomon is expected to lose her hair while receiving treatment for the uncommon form of cancer.

In this sense, her husband's eye-catching fundraiser was an act of solidarity as much as a way to help contribute to cancer support charity Macmillan.

Ms Solomon, who is Macmillan employee herself, described her diagnosis as "overwhelming" and "scary" but paid tribute to the support she had received.

"One week before my 34th birthday, I had the news that no one wants to hear. It’s cancer.

"Walking into the cancer centre...I was terrified and had no clear idea of what my diagnosis meant, or what would happen next.

"At that moment — feeling overwhelmed, scared, very emotional — I met my Macmillan nurses.

"Working for Macmillan, I already knew that the support we provide to people with cancer is incredible...But it takes on a whole new meaning when you experience it yourself," she said.

Since then, she has started her treatment and is being boosted by her husband and their friends' ensemble efforts to support her through the process.

"I've started treatment and I'm on the road to getting better. And, now, David and some of our close friends are braving the shave in solidarity with me.

"Together we’ll baldly go where no one has gone before (well, not me anyway).

"I’m so touched that they are doing this for me and I’m proud that, in doing so, they'll help give other people the same support I've had by raising money for Macmillan — a charity that has always meant a lot to me, and even more so now," Ms Solomon said.

Since launching the Brave the Shave fundraising campaign in 2015, Macmillan said they have raised over £22.7 million for their cancer support services.