Croydon Council will be using the profits of a Nando's and McDonald's store to help fund its frontline services.

Late last year the council announced it would purchasing the Colonnades Retail and Leisure Park on Purley Way for £53 million

It said at the time that the purchase would be in two phases; the first was for the nine existing units and the second would be for three additional units once "completed and generating income."

Those final three units have now been purchased, with the council announcing two of them include the aforementioned eateries.

“There are three positives to this purchase – additional funding for frontline services, the creation of additional jobs for our residents and investment by us in our borough," Councillor Simon Hall said.

“We are working to identify ways this site can generate even more income, as well as looking for other investment opportunities as a way of ensuring we can provide services for our residents at a time where government grant funding for local authorities is being cut and its future remains uncertain.”

The council added that the annual income of the entire site is roughly £1.4 million net of interest and other costs.