Kingston University (KU) offered advice to prospective undergrads for Clearing ahead of A-Level Results Day on Thursday (August 15).

Clearing is the process by which universities and colleges fill up any gaps remaining on their courses for the academic year ahead.

As such, it offers potential places for students who might not have achieved their target grades or are hoping to change courses or prospective universities after they get their results.

KU said its Clearing hotline would be open from 7.30am on Thursday.

Ahead of the pivotal day, KU's own Associate Professor Dr Barry Avery, an expert in accounting, finance and informatics, offered some key advice for students awaiting their results later in the week.

"Once they have got their results — or even before then — they need to be looking at what course they want to study.

"Once they’re through to the hotline, they’re likely to have to make a decision fairly quickly, so I’d definitely urge them to carry out that vital research before getting on the line," Dr Avery said.

KU revealed that 120 hotline staff would be guiding students through the process on Results Day.

Those hoping to gain a place to study at the university through Clearing should be prepared to call as early as possible on the day with a plan, and to prove what they would contribute to KU if offered a place.

"Calling the hotline gives you the chance to speak to course admission tutors like myself and to show them your potential.

"You’ll have our total attention, so it’s a great opportunity to sell yourself," Dr Avery said.

"We will be looking for students who have done their homework and have a good idea about what they want to study — and why.

"Applicants need to have a genuine desire to want to study a particular course and we would hope to hear that come across over the phone," he added.

For students aiming for a place via Clearing, KU said it would guarantee accommodation in halls for everyone who accepted a place on a university course by the end of the month.

"An added bonus for those applying to Kingston University through Clearing this year is the chance of an offer of accommodation.

"The University is guaranteeing a place in halls for any callers who accept a course place during Clearing by 30 August," a KU spokesperson said.