South Western Railway (SWR) announced a series of small-scale improvements to stations in Surrey they say will have a big impact for passengers.

The railway company will spend £335,000 "over the course of the financial year" improving stations in Surrey including those at Malden Manor, Worcester Park and Bookham.

The money is being derived from the company's Minor Works fund that a spokesperson said "is dedicated investment for small-scale alterations or changes to stations that can make a simple yet big difference to customers with accessibility issues".

The funds allocated for the improvements will largely go towards boosting accessibility by enacting a series of relatively simple measures.

Increasing disabled access points, installing "drop kerbs" for people living with mobility issues and installing "tactile steps" to help the visually-impaired.

Michael Adlington, SWR's Accessibility and Inclusion Manager, said the improvements may seem modest in scope, but would amount to a boon for many passengers.

"Small station improvements can make a big difference to peoples’ lives by helping passengers travel with confidence and to connect with their friends, family and work.

"Over the course of the franchise we are committed to delivering a better travel experience for the communities we serve by improving station accessibility across our network," Mr Adlington said.

Among the stations getting a facelift in Surrey are Bookham station, which will enjoy "improved step-free access", "improved access through the car park" and "a drop kerb within the station forecourt".

Meanwhile, Worcester Park and Malden Manor station will enjoy improved step-free access, with Malden Manor's disabled parking bays also in line to receive a new and clearer paint job thanks to the new funding, SWR said.