Breastfeeding mums will now have a place to get together in New Addington and Fieldway.

That is because a peer support group that provides a lifeline to mums and babies has relaunched in the area.

The New Addington Mum2Mum breastfeeding peer support programme, which is funded by Croydon Council and run by Croydon Health Services, trains volunteer mums to help other parents with breastfeeding.

The volunteers are trained over several weeks to give mothers and families practical and emotional advice around infant feeding and weaning.

Local mums and children gathered at Croydon’s CALAT children’s centre in New Addington to find out more about the programme and to network.

Clare Greaves is a New Addington peer support volunteer mum and said: “We provide a wraparound service for our local mums.

"I previously breastfed my own children, which gave me the passion to be part of this programme.

"We are here to address parents’ concerns and offer advice and support.

"There is also a drop-in service and baby cafés that they can visit. I have supported more than 50 women over the years and some have also become peer support mums as a result of my help.”

Perry Daryf and son Zak attended the launch event and praised the breastfeeding support team.

"I had a difficult time breastfeeding and they have given me a lot of support; now me and my son are on a really good journey," she said.

"I also love the community feeling from this group. I like to see people and speak to them and we are lucky to have that here.

"I have now learnt how to use my baby sling, which I have owned for a while but I was not confident using it. Zak is now very comfortable, and I think the sling is going to change my life because now I can move around the house more freely.”