A Sutton nursery devastated by an arson attack earlier this year has once again been left reeling.

In January, Yourspace Sutton's office, volunteer room, community tearoom and disabled access toilet block was all burnt down in a "mindless" arson attack.

Project manager Kevin Plicio said this attack ruined eight years of hard work.

So you can imagine his anger when he came into work two weeks ago to see his nursery had once again been hit by vandals.

"An intrusion late in the evening resulted in all the cakes and drinks being stolen from our pop up tearoom counter area," Mr Plicio said.

"At first I thought this was the act maybe of someone hungry and homeless but then I found the evidence in the neighbouring Seears Park by the park bench and dustbin nearest to the nursery gates.

"Not only did they take it but fearlessly they felt confident enough to sit near the gates while they consumed it.

"I think that 12 drinks of cans and pouches was too much for a hungry homeless person especially as most of the cake and the cake containers was just chucked away almost untouched."

He said police and the council were notified, but there was no luck in catching the criminals.

But the following day things turned from bad to worse.

"I arrived to my community project to find that the intruders have been in again and escalated things even further," he added.

"They took of the petrol cap off the site lawnmower which had recently started letting me down, and tipped it over to light a fire inside the polytunnel, but luckily the fuel tank was virtually empty.

"However they took my other petrol lawnmower, the one that I use for all my private and off site work but which I was recently having to use on the site in place of the other one, and they hauled it over the locked gates and set alight to it in the middle of Seears Park open green."

Yourspace Sutton was left "teetering on the edge" following the attack in January and Mr Plicio said any further attack would likely be the fatal blow.

"It's always only just another a mindless intrusion or act of vandalism but each tiny damage and loss continues to add up," the project manager said.

"We won Sutton in Bloom 'best community gardens' this year and now I don't have the lawnmower to do the private work that funds all of the community project.

"Every thing has real time knock on effects.

"There is no such thing as mindless vandalism, and a carefully strategically placed empty drank can is one way to prove it."

He is hoping that spreading the word of these attacks will help bring an end to the destruction.