Trading Standards has been clamping down on car-boot sales across Sutton, seizing more than 1000 items over the last couple of months.

Officers have undertaken repeated visits to St Philomena's School and Rosehill, resulting in more than 100 sellers being advised on the types of goods they can legally sell.

Four stalls had goods seized, with 1300 items being signed over for destruction and recycling.

Councillor Abellan, Environment & Neighbourhood Committee Chair said: "Please follow the advice from the sale organisers on the types of goods you can sell or seek help from Trading Standards.

"Do not try to sell counterfeit or unsafe items as these are likely to be seized by our vigilant officers."

The items ranged from clothing, watches, sunglasses, DVDs to blankets, cushions and fidget spinners which were found to be unsafe or in breach of trademark and copyright laws.

Trading Standards advises buyers to be cautious with goods they purchase, in particular with electrical goods which may be unsafe, cheap fake copies of high end goods or stolen items being sold.

Officers work closely with the sale organisers to make sure both buyers and sellers are aware of the law.