An alleged thief was arrested on suspicion of pinching a man's valuables from his person as he took an afternoon nap by Thornton Heath Pond.

Igor Szymankiewicz, 48, was searched after a CCTV operator spotted two individuals surreptitiously taking the man's belongings as he slept.

He woke to police informing him he had been victim of theft, which was confirmed when he realised he was missing his watch, two mobile phones, a gold ring, several cards and documents.

The CCTV operator guided the police to the suspects, who were arrested searched.

Szymankiewicz allegedly was found to be wearing the victim's watch, with the gold ring and other items of property also on his person.

He also allegedly had a lump of white substance on him that testing showed to be amphetamine.

The other man man arrested was later released and the valuables were returned to the victim.

Szymankiewicz was charged on Monday July 29 with theft and also possession of a controlled drug.

He was remanded overnight at Croydon custody, appearing at Croydon Magistrates Court yesterday.