A group of eight-foot-tall dinosaurs descended into Colliers Wood on Saturday to the confusion and delight of shoppers.

The stay was short lived however after the gang of 20 were escorted out by security.

But the man behind the product promotion has explained exactly what all the fuss was about.

Father of two Andrew Walker and his friends dressed in the "mightily silly" suits to celebrate the launch of his Tea Rex business, which as you might have guessed, revolves around tea.

But the Wimbledon man, who is also dyslexic, also wanted to promote a bigger message.

"School can be tricky for those who struggle with language and communicating ideas on paper," he said.

"I wanted to use the way we launched our game-changing, vibrant infusions to bring attention to the wealth of creative careers open to young people with dyslexia.

"This launch with Sainsbury’s Taste of the Future is momentous for Tea Rex what better time to shine a light on a message that can resonate with young people who may need that confidence boost."