Clapham Junction should be renamed Battersea Town Centre, say campaigners.

SW11tch back to Battersea supporters say the area is in the heart of Battersea, not Clapham - and should be renamed.

Councillor Philip Beddows, co-chairman of the campaign, said the Clapham tag - used by many shops wanting to attract customers - is confusing for tourists and demeaning to Battersea residents.

He said locals should be proud of Battersea and the town centre needed to retain its Battersea identity.

He said: "We want residents and shops to help us and take pride in the area. Battersea is the up-market area now anyway, not Clapham.

"All of the other town centres are named after themselves, Wandsworth Town, Tooting, Putney and Balham - why not Battersea?"

He said the campaign has cross-political support and that businesses should back the idea.

He said those shops which use the Clapham name - like Asda, which labels its store at Clapham Junction Asda Clapham - should revert to using the Battersea name.

The group will submit the renaming proposal at the Clapham Junction Town Centre Partnership meeting on November 15, and then move on to convincing railway chiefs to rename Clapham Junction Station.

The Station, which opened in 1863, has long been a bone of contention, with many baffled tourists and travellers exiting the station expecting to be in Clapham.

The other Clapham stations on The Tube - Clapham North, Clapham Common and Clapham South - are about a mile from Clapham Junction Station.

SW11tch back campaigners will be outside Clapham Junction Station to drum-up support On Saturday, November 10.

Lord Alf Dubs of Battersea has agreed to be the campaign's co-partron along with John Bowis OBE (the former Battersea MP now MEP).

Present Battersea MP Martin Linton is also behind the idea, as well as Wandsworth Council and The Battersea Society.

Mr Linton said: "We need to pressure for the railways to seriously consider changing the name of our station.

"We are looking for that support from everybody living in the area It is confusing for travellers who come to the junction.

"Now that they stations going to be redeveloped this is the perfect time to give it back its proper name."

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