A leading yoga guru helped to launch a wellness themed garden at the Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival to highlight the importance of mental and physical well-being.

Barbara Currie gave a yoga tutorial in the ‘livewell’ garden which was built by award-winning Bespoke Outdoor Spaces and Writtle University College.

It took 140 hours to build the 112m square garden, which was filled with 50 different species of plant that had been selected by Aleksandra Bartczak, Master Engineer Landscape Architect.

Aleksandra Bartczak said: “We have been working with Crest Nicholson for over six years and were thrilled when they approached us to design a show garden for the festival.

“The garden has been created to aid the wellbeing of the community, providing a sensory space where people of all ages can interact or find quiet respite for a moment of contemplation, whilst surrounded by beautiful wildlife.”

Homebuilders Crest Nicholson were named as the official sponsors for the ‘livewell’ garden which is aimed at promoting areas and breakout spaces that encourage mental and physical wellbeing.

Aleksandra Bartczak immersed the ‘livewell’ garden in greenery and nectar rich flowers that were selected to attract a wide array of wildlife, as well providing disabled accessibility so everyone can reap its benefits.

Trees with edible fruits like crab apple, serviceberry and wild strawberries were also planted in the space as well ornamental shrubs bearing fruit including gooseberries, honeyberries and wild strawberries – which also encouraged the theme of ‘eating well’ and provide inspiration for people keen to grow their own.

Andrew Dobson, Managing Director at Crest Nicholson Strategic Projects said: “It’s a real privilege to exhibit our public garden at the world’s largest and most prestigious flower show.

“Many of our developments adopt our Garden Village Principles, which involve building high quality, sustainable neighbourhoods which encourage healthy living.

“We are delighted to be given the opportunity to showcase this new concept on a smaller scale at such a high-profile event and hope it will inspire our communities.”