A Teddington pupil has kicked off Plastic Free July by winning £1,000 for her school in a competition that encourages pollution reduction solutions.

Kiera Jack, a pupil at Teddington School, designed a 4m x 2m angler fish using plastic bottles and then entered The Refill X Robeco Schools Competition in May, in the hopes that she could contribute an active voice to plastic pollution.

Schools were asked to design a sculpture that helped raise awareness of the problem of plastic pollution and encourage people to change their habit and switch from bottled water to a reusable.

Kiera said: “After bodyboarding in the sea and finding plastic floating all around I wanted to do something about the problem.

“When I saw this competition I decided to highlight that plastic pollution is a deep issue – we always think of what is floating on the surface but most of the plastic is below the surface - I chose a deep water fish, to shine a light on this.”

The sculpture will be displayed in St Botolph-without-Bishopgates Garden, next to Liverpool Street station and will be seen by commuters and city workers throughout July.

Judge Natalie Fee said: “I was blown away by the creativity and impact of all the designs, but I shouldn’t be surprised by the passion and determination of the next generation to stem the tide of single use plastic once and for all before it is too late. Our winner was an arresting design and made us all stop and think.”

For more information visit: https://www.citytosea.org.uk/